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High Vacuum Pump
Rechargeable Battery (Boleh Cas Bateri)
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Features: The electric pump comes packed with a 50% charge.
After finished the assemble,simply lube it up,insert your penis and press the power button to satisfying vacuum.
This increases blood flow and expand the blood vessels which over time can increase the size of your penis.
There is a release valve button,As soon as you're pumped to full volume,press the release valve button and the air will be dispersed safely and easily.


Type: Rechargeable penis pump
Imput: 5V 500mA
Battery: Lithium-lon 700mAh 3.7V
Material: Silicone,ABS
Size: 29.5cm/11.61"(H) * 6.5cm/2.56"(D)
Charging Time: Up to 1 hour
Use Time: 50 times after fully charge

Package Included:
1 Set Penis Pump

How to use:

Press the Power Button for several seconds to create a satisfying vacuum.
Press the Release button to release the vacuum pressure.

When the suction pressure of your pump is week or doesn't turn on,please recharge it.Insert the DC
plug into the DC port at the back of pump.After around 1 hour,the pump will fully charged.Don't use the pump,when it is charging.



Easy to use with amazing results! This brilliant penis pump comes with extra large cylinder for maximum enlargement and a simple yet powerful trigger-operated pump. Bigger is always better!Made from premium materials, the electric pump has superb suction and brilliant build. The actual pump part operates on a simple trigger system that makes achieving extra girth and length easy!

A quick release valve features to the top of cylinder so when you're done, you can get straight into the action.

 The internal diameter of the tube is from 2.75 to 2.5 inches and the internal length is almost 12 inches. The removable latex sleeve helps to hug your penis and provide maximum suction. Also included with the pump is a silicone erection enhancer which simply slides over the penis and helps you to maintain an erection as you pump your way to satisfaction.The vacuum cylinder made with clear ABS plastic and is seamless and flanged for ultimate comfort. The controller allows you to operate the suction with one hand with simple start/stop button and auto release.Enjoy penis enlargement training at home or away with this innovative USB rechargeable automatic penic pump. Designed to gently suck blood into your penis for an instant boost in size, this pump gives you a larger, stronger erection with regular use.

Disclaimer: Result using this product may vary from person to person

Disclaimer: Result using this product may vary from person to person

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